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Objective: Engage all Haworth stakeholders in our path toward sustainability.

Constantly studying key processes and measures as well as trying new methods as practices evolve, allows Haworth to build a robust base of knowledge in sustainability. As we lead by example and share our approach and data, we develop relationships with our customers, non-governmental organizations, and suppliers. Our goal is to provide transparency while continuing to be a trusted advisor.

Zero Waste - Haworth

Zero-Waste-to-Landfill Workshop

In 2012, more than 70 business professionals from across the United States descended on Haworth Headquarters to learn the inside story of how we have achieved zero-waste-to-landfill status throughout our global operations.

Continuing Education Units

Haworth seeks to be a trusted advisor to our stakeholders. We recognize that a sustainable company does not act alone in the business ecosystem, it collaborates with companies to make the world a better place. Our goal is to engage stakeholders to identify and implement business practices that support our sustainability goals. One avenue to make this connection is through Continuing Education Units. We offer our stakeholders the opportunity to learn from our sustainability experts about emerging trends in subjects such as chemistry, biodiversity, and green building. Our goal is to have an open dialogue that moves each group closer to a solution that protects or restores the environment, creates a better place for people to live and work, and meets economic goals.

The Stream - Haworth
Haworth CIRS

Client Stories: Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability University of British Columbia

The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability University of British Columbia has been established to accelerate sustainability by quickly finding effective solutions to the challenges of urban development. This living laboratory demonstrates the University of British Columbia's commitments to leadership in sustainability through research and innovation. The center is driven by three criteria - to be smart, human, and green.

Client Stories: U.S. Green Building Council Headquarters

As interest in green building has grown, so has the staff of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The organization growth required a move to a larger, more sophisticated and exceptionally sustainable environment. As creators of the LEED Green Building Rating System, the USGBC sought LEED Platinum certification for their interior build out. Our products helped them achieve this goal.

Green Building - Haworth


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