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Objective: Support the communities in which we conduct business and operate as an ethical organization.

Haworth deeply appreciates the time and talents that our members invest toward helping the company continue to be successful. We are committed to improving the quality of life for our members and enriching the communities in which we operate.

Member Garden

We are eager to support our members' ideas and collective efforts that positively impact our commitments. One example of this is the Haworth Member Garden. 

Community Engagement

We think beyond our business to our communities. In our small way, we will help make the world a better place for people to work and live.

Community Engagement - Haworth
Continuing Education - Haworth

Continuing Education

Continuing education is foundational to who we are as an organization. It is one of our Haworth Values and we firmly believe that the investment made in learning and development will ensure a sustainable future for the company.


The safety of our members is important. We strive to create a safe work environment for all of our global members.

Actual Recordable Accidents - Haworth
Code of Conduct - Haworth

Supplier Code of Conduct

Because it's important to us that the goods we produce are cradle-to-cradle sustainable and that the companies we partner will align with our values, we lead by example and encourage our suppliers to incorporate sustainable and social responsibilities into their daily operations.

Partnering with suppliers on sustainability initiatives increase transparency and allows us to ensure they meet strict social responsibility guidelines.