Designed to Give Back to the Individual

Reside Desks blend the best of European design with advanced workplace knowledge to span a wide range of applications and support the most dynamic work environments.

Reside Desk Close Up - Haworth

Embraces Change

  • Effortlessly supports a range of workspaces

  • Embraces the change faced by clients every day

  • Efficient and functional workspaces

Reside Desking With Zody Task Chairs - Haworth

Reside Desk With Very Task Chair - Haworth

From Individual to Team

  • Provides varying degrees of privacy

  • Evolves to support interaction

  • Caters to shifts in workstyle

Future Assurance

  • Designed as part of the Haworth Integrated Palette™

  • Applied alone or used seamlessly with other Haworth products

  • Future assurance to clients who recognize their investment must be effective for years to come

Reside Desking With Zody Task Chairs - Haworth