Simplicity. Continuity. Functionality.

Clean. Minimal. Exactly what is needed — no more, no less. York is a non-opinionated wood casegoods line that can take on different demeanors. It's an accommodating product line for designers faced with a variety of challenges.

York Desk - Haworth

Simplicity with Details

York conveys an expressive sense of detail and grandeur, inspired by the nineteenth century partner’s desk.


York with LIM Lighting - Haworth

York with Collaborate Chairs - Haworth

Satisfy Needs Without Sacrificing Continuity 

Scaled up or down, at every level of the firm or office, York provides consistency, giving designers plenty of tools while seamlessly tying the entire space together. With York, it’s possible.


Enhance Functionality

York’s administrative and reception stations ensure that image is positive, by integrating aesthetically with adjacent offices and the complete floorplate.


York Desks With Zody Task Chairs - Haworth