The Foundation for Great Spaces

Great spaces begin at the ground level. A great space is one that looks incredible, encourages productivity, and evolves as an organization’s needs change.

TecCrete Raised Access Flooring - Haworth
TecCrete Raised Access Flooring And Enclose Walls - Haworth

Air Seal Detail - Haworth

Access flooring for the office, computer room—anywhere you need it.

TecCrete's unique concrete-and-steel composite makes it amazingly quiet and solid underfoot—ideal for work and learning environments. What’s more, TecCrete’s superior durability and full range of static dissipative and conductive finish options make it the right choice for data centers and equipment rooms. With available heights from three to sixty-eight inches, TecCrete accommodates just about any application as well as flexible underfloor air, power, voice, and data solutions. TecCrete provides an unprecedented level of convenience and adaptability—all in an access floor that doesn’t feel like one.

TecCrete Raised Access Flooring With Zody Task Chairs - Haworth