Very Executive

Smart. Versatile. Responsible.

Part of a friendly, more sustainable seating family, the sleek Very Task chair’s intelligent platform extends its reach from simple elegance to high-intensity performance.

Very Executive Chair
LTB Lounge - Haworth
Very Executive White Chair - Haworth


Designed by the Haworth Design Studio, the Very Task chair’s top characteristics include its universal appeal, wide range of application, increased sustainability, remarkable scope of color, and innovative options.



With the number of options available on the Very Task, you’ll be able to style your chairs for countless applications. From the conference room to the corner office to the reception area, Very Task thrives in any environment.


Very Executive Chair Side View - Haworth

Air National Guard Client Space - Haworth


Always a conscientious choice, Very seating goes easier on the environment. The Very Task chair includes up to 65% recycled content and is up to 98% recyclable. It can be disassembled for recycling quickly or returned to Haworth through the Take Back program.