Hello Lounge

A Breath of Fresh Air

Hello is a fun yet sophisticated breath of fresh air in a world of stuffy meeting rooms and stodgy reception areas. Edgy, without the sharp edges. Cool, casual and comfortable, yet totally supportive of the task at hand.

Hello Lounge Red Chair - Haworth
Hello Lounge Brown - Haworth
Hello Lounge Seating tan - Haworth

Make an Impression

The Hello Lounge is a study in contrasts, right down to the optional dual fabric combinations. Greet your guests with a chair that makes a great first impression.

Hello Lounge Side View - Haworth

Make a Dramatic Statement

Hello lounge has an angular, contemporary, and classic aesthetic that’s very comfortable, and makes a dramatic statement before your guests even sit down. 


Hello Lounge Office Space - Haworth
Hello Lounge gray - Haworth

Comfort and Agility

The mobile lounge has a circular shape that embraces you in comfort while the swivel base maneuvers with the agility of a task chair.