True Flexibility

This versatile lounge line offers style and comfort. It’s perfect for the boardroom or reception. As side seating, ToDo can be stationary or mobile, so you can have a truly flexible, interactive environment.

ToDo Lounge Seating Striped Upholstery - Haworth
ToDo Lounge Seating Office Space - Haworth
ToDo Seating White Chair - Haworth

Transform Any Room

Options include a rotating arm, a tablet with various wood finishes, an ottoman, and a cup holder. Transform any room into a space for meetings, presentations, training, or video.

ToDo Lounge Green Chair  - Haworth

Adapt, Change, Grow

ToDo offers new ideas and new ways of doing things perfect for the boardroom or the reception area. Rooms that need to adapt, change, and grow. ToDo allows you to have a truly flexible and interactive environment, not to mention — comfortable.


ToDo Lounge Open Space - Haworth
ToDo Lounge Red Chair -  Haworth

Meetings Take Place Anywhere

ToDo chairs, with smooth rolling casters, allow the meeting to take place anywhere people need to gather to brainstorm or listen to a presentation. These chairs are ready for a computer, or notepad with their 360 degree rotating wood finished arm tablet, that is interchangeable from the chair’s left side to its right. What’s more, this chair adapts to any body.

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