Very Stool

Very Comfortable

The friendly, more sustainable Very family boasts three fabulous stool options — Conference, Side and Wire Stacker.

Very Side Stool - Haworth
 Very Seating with enclosed Walls- Haworth
Very Conference Stool - Haworth

Very Smart

Very Stools have built-in intelligence for user comfort. The Very Side and Conference Stools provide intuitive recline, ensuring user weight is absorbed and distributed to provide natural support. Side-to side torsional flex allows the backrest to follow the user as they move, increasing mobility and comfort when reaching sideways for objects. Available on the Conference and Side models, the innovative, industry-leading Very Tetro™ back mixes materials for a feel good experience that is also functionally easy to clean and highly durable.


Very Stool blue - Haworth

Very Responsible

In addition to convenient storing and stacking, Very seating goes easy on the environment. Very is MBDC Gold Certified. The family includes up to 71% recycled content and is up to 98% recyclable. Very seating can be disassembled for recycling in less than five minutes. And, Very is GREENGUARD® certified. The Very seating family is sure to support your sustainability strategies and may contribute toward LEED® credits.

The Full Spectrum

Whether exuding a quiet sophistication or a colorfully eclectic personality, the Very line can highlight any style with its impressive array of colors.


Very Color Options - Haworth

Very Stool Lined up - Haworth