Lively Task

Ergonomic. Quality. Affordable.

Lively brings advanced features and a light-scale aesthetic to the people responsible for getting work done at the office or home workspace.

Lively Task Seating - Haworth
Patterns System - Haworth Showroom - Haworth
Lively Task Seating Yellow Upholstery  - Haworth

Science-based Ergonomics

Science-based ergonomics, personalized comfort and design, durability at a sensible price, seat-depth adjustment, seat-height adjustment, tilt-tension adjustment, available in a wide array of colors.

Lively Tension Back Colors - Haworth

Fit In / Stand Out

Lively’s more than just a comfortable, well-built chair. It’s also a diamond in the rough. A thin profile, nine distinct colors, and countless fabric options mean you can pick a design that’s all your own. Fit in or stand out—Lively Task and Side will match your style.


Haworth Showroom  - Haworth
Lively Task Seating - Haworth

Worry-Free Quality

Built to handle the daily grind, year after year, Lively is manufactured to the highest standards. After all, that's the Haworth name stamped on the frame. Go ahead and compare. Lively's in a class of its own.