Harmony Services Program

Haworth Harmony Services Program

Haworth’s Harmony Services program has been developed to provide support to our customers by enabling a workspace to be effective, sustainable and evolving. We believe in spaces that are not just beautiful, but spaces that are ORGANIC SPACES: they “live”, evolve and evolve over time.

Property and people represent the greatest expense and the most significant investment for our customers. Through the Harmony Services program, Haworth seeks to maximize this investment both, in the ‘now‘ and in the future.

With our Harmony Services program we work together with our customers and their designers to:

  • Achieve space/cost savings targets
  • Activate unused spaces
  • Enhance operating efficiency and productivity
  • Facilitate innovation and communication
  • Enhance company image
  • Improve workplace strategy, occupancy and space use efficiency
  • Gain in-depth insights into workplace culture and activities to enable better decisions
  • Define a wellness strategy
  • Reduce the cost of managing complex projects
  • Reduce life-cycle costs through asset management and maintenance programs
  • Manage product lifecycle with sustainability initiatives.



We work closely with our customers to discover and understand their workplace strategy and to facilitate workshops and surveys that uncover their organization‘s culture and working styles. We bring in specific and relevant domain and industry knowledge, leveraging our open platform approach. Furthermore, in order to facilitate the creation of new workplaces, Haworth curates collaborative spaces, where co-creation and communication are encouraged and facilitated in the most effective way.

This approach allows our customers increased choices with regards to: 

  • The role that technology will play in the work environment
  • The way connectivity and mobility will fit with innovation needs
  • The relevance of wellness (including ergonomics) in company valuesand staff motivation
  • Change management support including employee training and education
  • Integration of various cultures and generations into a flexible workplace

Workplace Strategy Advisory

Haworth Workplace Strategy approach offers a range of tools and processes that enables clients to develop corporate real estate design strategies aligned with their business goals, and at the same time enhances the performance of their human capital.

Our team is part of the Haworth Worplace Strategy Group, a multi disciplinary team of scientists and designers. Through a unique method of quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, combined with a well researched workshop methodology, we are able to understand, measure, analyse and translate various workplace needs within an organisation.

Transformation Advisory

As human beings, we are embracing habits and resistant to change. Research shows that close to 70% of change initiatives ultimately fail to reach their goals. While changing a space or a workplace is important to support real estate efficiencies or to drive increased collaboration between teams, the spatial change alone is not desirable nor sustainable. Positive change can only happen when organizations and individuals transform their thinking, beliefs and behaviors. Our transformation process leads an organization through six steps critical to success: Engage, Explore, Translate & Conceptualize, Enable, Announce and Implement, Sustain & Reinforce to ensure the change is sustainable.

Workplace Technology Services

With the increased diversity in the workplace the fast-pace evolution of technology adaptation, it is only natural that the discussions between IT departments, corporate real estate executives and facility managers have taken on additional complexity. Haworth understands that every customer and business is unique. Instead of exclusitrying to meet all technology needs with furniture embedded with a particular technology platform, our team facilitates the discussion and the alignment between our customers and their chosen technology partners to ensure that the IT spent is fully maximized and supported by the workplace and fully understood by the users.

Wellness & Ergonomics Consulting

Ergonomic consulting services help your organization to provide a work environment that ensures your employees‘ health and productivity. This program is designed to reduce the potential for on-job-injuries and consequent costs to the organization in terms of lost time at work and medical treatment, encouraging an awareness of safe work practices in the workplace, and promoting health awareness and job satisfaction.

Additionally, enabling wellness is an integral part of the Harmony Services offered by Haworth and offers a new perspective on how to design an open-plan while looking at the ‘Whole Human‘. We assist customers to create spaces fit not only for employee collaboration and creativity—but that also support the health of office workers through design.

Space Activation Services

Spaces Activation Services help our customers maximize their public and shared/collaborative space usage to support new ways of working (such as ad-hoc collaboration, impromptu meetings, workshop innovation, focused work, etc). As all these spaces need to be flexible and adaptable, our services ensure that any space can be adjusted and continuously adapted to its users needs, on a daily basis.

Concierge, curation, strategic positioning, events and workshops facilitation - these are all high-quality services Haworth offers to activate our customers‘ spaces.

Storage Optimization

Many companies allocate too much space to filing and storage needs, resulting in high real estate costs incurred for storage of old dusty unused files or personal employee collections of memorabilia.

Our approach to Storage Optimization starts with an initial observational study, capturing current storage patterns via a simple photographic survey combined with user interviews to understand the current status. The findings are then delivered in a comprehensive report format. Based on insights to the existing patterns, we identify opportunities of improvements through highlighting inefficiencies followed by proposing well-designed filing systems. Combined with clearly defined integrated filing processes, these systems allow for a much more user-friendly and surprisingly space efficient future-proof solution.


We support our customers to operationalise their workplace strategy through installation, churn, asset delivery and management. Haworth can assist project teams to simplify the process and coordination by managing the supply chain, inherent complexity of multiple time-lines and after sales warranty and maintenance requirements for all project furniture needs - not just the Haworth-manufactured products.

We support our customers to operationalise their workplace strategy through installation, churn, asset delivery and management. Haworth can assist project teams to simplify the process and coordination by managing the supply chain, inherent complexity of multiple time-lines and after sales warranty and maintenance requirements for all project furniture needs - not just the Haworth-manufactured products.

Project Management Assistance

The success of an office fitout project is dependent on a long list of important and inter-related tasks. These tasks must be scheduled in sequence and coordinated with appropriate resources. Haworth’s Project Management Assistance Services use best industry practices and tools to provide our clients and all project-related resources with a visual reference to quickly see where and when they fit into the project‘s Master Schedule.

Asset Management

Haworth furniture is designed for a long life but you can maximize your investment beyond a single fitout with Haworth Asset Management Services. Haworth has the largest installation team in the region and a network of offices with support members in all locations, so our team will professionally oversee your furniture and how it is deployed in all of your key locations. Warehousing as well as Quick-Ship programs are embedded in our asset management offering, to ensure a full range of services, to match your inventory requirements.

Managed Sourcing

Multiple products, different manufacturers, varying lead times, storage needs, delivery and install dates – our Harmony Managed Sourcing Service can assist your project team by managing the inherent complexity of multiple timelines for all of the project furniture needs - not just Haworth manufactured products.

Haworth will work with your design and facilities team to identify the primary manufacturers, negotiate pricing and manage the procurement, logistics, installation, warranty and follow-up services for all furniture purchases.

Analytics Services

More and more companies are looking for the right metrics to assess the effectiveness of their real estate utilization, space occupancy, employee productivity and general efficiency of the workplace.

At Haworth we are working together with our HaworthxFriends partners to provide our customers with technologically advanced, non-intrusive ways of getting the relevant data from the workplace and turn it into a useful tool for decision making: measuring footprint space utilization across the floor plate, meeting rooms occupancy, unassigned desks usage and costs savings generated by telecommuting or working offsite.


Haworth is a sustainable corporation. We engage our employees in sustainable practices, we initiate and use processes that are neutral or improve our environment and we utilize our resources in ways that create adaptable and sustainable workspace solutions for our customers. We do all of this globally to protect and restore our environment, create economic value, and support and strengthen our communities.

Haworth’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally sound practices stretch back decades, yet is stronger than ever.

For years, the economy promoted a linear value stream that focused on products and services with short, linear life spans. It is our goal to bend this paradigm into a circular value stream that includes products and services that are a part of a sustainable economy. Shifting to this holistic approach requires sustainable products and sourcing, the sharing of knowledge and services with our customers and partners, continuous support and engagement of the community, and the accountability of our global operations.

It has been our ability to support the pursuit of environmental excellence at this level—beyond our products and throughout the entire value stream—that has allowed us to bring the most value as a partner in our customers’ success.

Life Extension Services

Replacing office furniture before its time is costly. Even through the course of normal use, your furniture will begin to show signs of wear and tear. When certain problems are left unattended, they can shorten drastically the life of a product. Regular maintenance can extend the product life and protect your investment.

Through the Life Extension services, Haworth-certified experts can help you maintain and refurbish your office through: cleaning, repairing, re-upholstering, & refreshing of the furniture, irrespective of manufacturer.

Recycle & Giveback

Haworth partners with selected environmental service companies that specialize in the collection, processing and selling of materials that can be recycled (e.g. plastic, metal, paper, cardboard and glass amongst other items.) The recycled materials are re-used to make a wide variety of new products that include: outdoor furniture, construction materials, building materials, packaging materials, and various other products.

in addition, for the furniture that is not usable commercially anymore but still feasible for a second life, Haworth supports customers to give something back to the communities, through programs which promote and carry out donations of furniture to local schools and communities. 


Organizations are shifting a greater percentage of their overall floor plate to collaborative spaces to support ‘new ways’ of working, to increase collaboration, and to help their real estate ‘sweat’ more. In this new reality, our customers are being challenged when implementing these new collaborative spaces ( since for many it is still unchartered territory with no defined playbook) and are looking for the flexibility of trying out new things, without the commitment of buying the furniture for the long term.

Haworth’s leasing service offers a unique solution where we are able to manage the entire collaborative furniture requirement under a leasing arrangement.

Dedicated Knowledge Exchange Given the knowledge of our own Haworth and HaworthxFriends experts in the field of workplace trends, generational dynamics, cultural aspects, pace of technology change within different industries, sustainability and wellness, we have brought together a group of knowledge partners. Our panel of experts is ready to provide a per-customer tailored service, consisting of regular gettogethers and knowledge workshops addressing various topics of relevance and interest to the particular industry of our customers.