Patterns integrates beautifully with Planes® tables and Enclose® walls to inject a level of refinement in a conference setting. With Architectural Workwalls and File Enclosures, you can add design punctuation that is both beautiful and functional.

Patterns Storage - Haworth

Eliminate the Sea of Sameness

Based on an instinctively familiar form, Patterns elevates a simple folded plane to sophisticated design. With its broad material options and an anodized aluminum inlay, Patterns injects a level of refinement. 

Patterns Storage with ToDo Lounge Chairs - Haworth

Patterns Storage White - Haworth

A New Dimension

From sleek, low benches and clean studio desking to architecturally intriguing workwalls and portals, Patterns offers a new dimension to the floorplate. Use Patterns to create unique interiors and eliminate the sea of sameness.

Redefine the Floorplate

Applied minimally for punctuation or used to achieve rhythm throughout, each Patterns element helps redefine the floorplate.

Patterns Storage/Systems with Zody - Haworth