Design. Integration. Adaptability.

With options such as glass, metal, laminate, wall coverings, wood and more, there are many ways to define design with Enclose. 

Enclose Walls with Very Side Seating and Planes - Haworth
Enclose Walls with Casegood Storage - Haworth
Enclose Wall Corner - Haworth

Adaptable Architecture. Year After Year.

Achieve a sense of presence and permanence, while ensuring your endless ability to adapt. Create a more sustainable and responsive environment. Enclose moveable walls provide the look, feel, and acoustical performance of conventional construction, yet are designed to anticipate your need to change.


Enclose Walls Corner Detail - Haworth

Defining Design

Clear, patterned, or custom glass. Monolithic or segmented tiles. Frameless, closed, or open corners. Eight door options, including full-height, frameless glass doors. Enclose offers a tremendous breadth of design options, allowing each space to fulfill its specific objectives and achieve aesthetic individuality.


Enclose Walls with Zody Chairs - Haworth

Efficiency is Everything

Spaces are getting smaller yet expected to do more. Enclose offers space-saving options that make the most of these shrinking footprints, creating comfortable workspaces that feel generous, while supporting all of the business needs today.